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Shanghai KZY New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, a huge and magical city. It focuses on solving the problems of die-casting demoulding and die-casting auxiliary materials, and provides customers with one-stop solutions for die-casting demoulding, which is favored by customers. We are committed to being a world-class company.



The original intention of KZY was to meet the diversified needs of customers, to become the world's leading metal processing additive company, and to help the vigorous development of China's die-casting industry. At present, we are mainly committed to the research and development and sales of new materials such as aluminum-magnesium-zinc die-casting mold release agents, punch oil, punch particles and other metal processing aids. One-stop service in the whole process of technical Q&A, providing integrated solutions, giving you all-round escort, helping our customers to improve their product quality and production efficiency, creating outstanding value for customers, and helping them become the industry 's faucet. At the same time, KZY is a research and development company dedicated to metal processing auxiliary materials. It has strong research and development strength. It has formed a group leader with more than ten years of experience in modulating die-casting mold release agents as the center, and a number of experienced masters. The team of scientific researchers is determined to forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and a variety of products developed by it, especially the series of die-casting release agents, are favored by customers. Of course, Shanghai KZY also has a vibrant and outstanding business, quality inspection and after-sales team to provide customers with a full range of services; it has a strict quality control management process, so that every product used by customers is of high quality; At the same time, we ensure that every question and inquiry of our customers can be responded quickly.



Shanghai KZY New Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development and sales of die-casting release agents and auxiliary materials for die-casting. It is an outstanding die-casting release agent manufacturer in China. Our products are widely used in automobile and motorcycle accessories (especially in new energy vehicles), 5G communications, mobile computers, home appliances and other fields, and always provide customers with high-quality products and professional technical after-sales service. Therefore, it has formed an excellent brand effect in the country and established a good reputation in the hearts of customers. As a value-added product and service supplier of die-casting auxiliary materials, KZY practices the concept of diversity and inclusiveness, constantly listens to the voices of customers, deeply understands their needs, and uses professional technology and rich experience to provide world-class services. Solve their problems with a sense of urgency and provide them with efficient technical solutions; continue to help customers improve work efficiency and product quality; not only focus on the current needs, but also focus on the future and create future solutions plan. Help it to rank in the forefront of the industry, continue to provide impetus for the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and make it the mainstay of Made in China 2025.



Finally, our company would like to express our sincere thanks to the customers who have established cooperative relations with our company. Thank you for your support in this journey. We promise that we will consistently provide high-quality products and professional services to effectively solve your problems in the field of die-casting and demoulding. . At the same time, we also look forward to cooperating with more powerful customers in the future, making concerted efforts and sharing the wind and rain, directly hanging on the cloud to help the sea, and jointly creating a brilliant tomorrow. In the future, KZY will abide by the core values ​​of "customer first, innovative research and development, and serve the society". While creating value, it will improve the happiness of employees, improve customer satisfaction, and improve its own sense of innovation. Give back to the society and serve the motherland. Shanghai KZY is committed to becoming an enterprise of the times, a silhouette of the times, and creating the splendor of the times.

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