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Dilution Ratio of Die-casting Release Agent

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Under normal circumstances, the die-casting release agents bought on the market are silicon die-casting release agent ,necessary for being diluted. The colour of release agents are milky. What’s more,you can see the blue light when shaking them. You can refer to our product parameters . Water-based die-casting release agents on the market are all needed to be diluted.

The ratio of die-casting release agent is directly related to the solid content and spraying time of the release agent. The solid content of release agents on the market is from 5% to 45%. In view of the requirements of the die-casting process, the spraying time is from 0.5 seconds to more than ten seconds. Therefore the actual dilution ratio span is quite large, from dozens of times to five or six hundred times.

For the benefit of the clients,higher the solid content of the release agent is , higher the dilution ratio is.The release agents are more cost-effective.

The solid content of our company aluminum alloy water-based release agents mainly includes 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%.And their dilution ratio ranges from 1:100 to 1:300. The dilution ratio of release agent provided by our company only provides a general reference. Specifically, you need to determine the dilution ratio of die-casting release agent in terms of the requirements of the workpieces to be produced. Our company suggests that under the same conditions, you choose higher solid content of aluminum alloy release agent ,which helps you save money, create convenience, save time and energy. Usually,plenty of people choose 30% solid content , due to 1:200 dilution on the market.

Shanghai KZY manufacturer dedicated to researching,developing,and saling die-casting demoulding and auxiliary materials . Dr Shen,who is a returnee with abundant experiences in release agent field. Based on the customer's demand,Dr. successfully developed many silicon die-casting release agents.These products can relieve carbon deposition, improve the cleaning question, remove the roughness of workpieces, solve the workpieces with black points、 mildew and other issues. At the same time we specially for mobile phone plate create KZY650 aluminum magnesium ultra-thin die-casting release agent.KZY is your trusted release agent manufacturer. Welcome to consult the question concerning the release agent, we supporting wholesale.

Our technology comes from Europe and the United States, domestic large factory production and processing for us, we providing quality and technical support, to offer you pre-sale - selection - order - after-sales one-step die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solutions.We are pleased to be consulted from you.

For more information about Dilution Ratio of Die-casting Release Agent or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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