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the Rust Problem of Mold and Mold Frame

Editing time:2022-03-02 ;   Editing by:kzy

Some customers who had not used our release agent before called Koko and asked why his molds and mold frames were always rusty. Later, Koko asked them to send us some samples and found that there were few corrosion inhibitors in the release agent of some manufacturers. One of the reasons for the rust of the mold and mold frame is the lack of corrosion inhibitor or low corrosion inhibitor in the release agent.

At the same time, the reuse of release agent will also lead to rust of die and die frame. Therefore, customers who often reuse need to pay attention to recycling release agent as little as possible.

In a word, the reuse of release agent or the lack of corrosion inhibitor in release agent will rust the mold and mold frame.

Kzy mold release agent manufacturer provides various types of die-casting release agents, including kzy610 aluminum magnesium universal type, kzy620 economic type, kzy630 ultra-high temperature resistant type, kzy650 aluminum magnesium ultra-thin parts, kzy660 anti-oxidation and anti mildew, kzy681, 682 powder water-based mold release agent, kzy690 silicon free and kzy691 silicon less die-casting release agent. The common problems such as mold carbon deposition, difficult cleaning of workpieces, long black spots and mildew spots on workpieces in a short time, and high temperature resistance of release agent can be easily alleviated or even solved. Each product of kzy has added appropriate corrosion inhibitor, which can delay mold carbon deposition and rust of mold frame. At the same time, our solid content ranges from 20% - 40%, with better dilution ratio, ranging from 1:100-1:300. At the same time, the price is also very reasonable, so as to alleviate your financial pressure as much as possible and help you reduce the number of recycling of release agent.

Our technology comes from Europe and America. With the production and processing of large domestic factories and high-quality quality technical guarantee, we provide you with a one-stop die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solution from pre-sales - Selection - order - after-sales. Welcome to consult.

For more information about the Rust Problem of Mold and Mold Frame or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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