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the Coating of Aluminum Artifacts

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Many customers asked KZY a question why using other release agents, there will be difficult to clean from time to time, later painting not good.Is there a solution to solve the phenomenon of coating problem? KZY690 silicon-free die-casting release agent and KZY691 silicon less die-casting release agent. According to the feedback of a lot of customers, these two products do have a good effect. Let's explore it.

Coating is always a big problem in the field of aluminum die-casting. Usually, the release agent for aluminum magnesium alloy die-casting we use contains silicon oil, and this is the "prime culprit" that leads to the difficulty of coating aluminum workpiece. If we use this , then we have to use acid and alkali to clean, to some extent, affecting the quality of aluminum alloy workpieces. So we KZY reduce or even eliminate the silicone oil components in the traditional release agent formula, on the basis of the original further modified wax and synthetic ester, and adding some other components. After the die-casting factory test, the substances on the workpiece are easy to be cleaned, for the subsequent coating also of great benefit. At the same time, we do not deny that after improving the coating performance, compared with the die-casting release agent with silicon oil as the core, the release force of the die-casting release agent without silicon or even less silicon is still slightly inferior. Please consider clearly and make a decision carefully.

In a word, aluminum workpiece coating quality is relevant to workpiece cleaning and the use of release agent type. Welcome to consult KZY690, 691 silicon less silicon die-casting release agent.You are welcome to buy.

Our technology comes from Europe and the United States, domestic large factory production and processing for us, we providing quality and technical support, to provide you from pre-sale - selection - order - after-sales one-stop die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solutions.You are welcome to consult with us.

For more information about the Coating of Aluminum Artifacts or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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