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Black Spots or Mildew on Aluminum Artifacts

Editing time:2022-03-02 ;   Editing by:kzy

Many factories used our KZY660 anti-oxidation and mildew resistant die-casting release agent giving feedback, after using our products, aluminum alloy workpieces rarely appear black spots or mildew phenomenon. They said that the another release agent used before to solve the effect is not very obvious. Let's discuss it together!

So why aluminum alloy workpieces appear black spots and even mildew points? And what good improvement measures are there?

Humid environment is very easily lead to aluminum workpieces oxidation. under the southern and coastal damp environment , these enterprises are worry about this, especially in Yangtze river delta region of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai summer rainy season.The environment is greatly humid.Some workpieces when produced rightly appear black points and other issues. In summer or winter , the temperature difference between inside and outside the factory is large. If not properly kept, the workpieces are likely to appear black spots or mold. The solution is to improve the environment for storing the workpiece or to use a demoulding agent with anti-oxidation and anti-mildew function. It can also be soaked in corrosion inhibitor diluent for a short time when the die-casting part is just taken out.

KZY660 anti-oxidation and mildew resistant die-casting release agent, designed for the southern and coastal humid environment,is effectively helpful to reduce black spots, mildew spots on the aluminum workpieces.We support you to have a sample to test !

In addition, we also have KZY630 ultra high temperature and KZY610 universal aluminum magnesium water-based release agent. They are recommended to be used with high-end quality, reliable.

Our technology comes from Europe and the United States, domestic large factory production and processing for us, we providing quality and technical support, to provide you from pre-sale - selection - order - after-sales one-stop die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solutions.You are welcome to consult with us.

For more information about Black Spots or Mildew on Aluminum Artifacts or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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