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the Carbon Deposition of Die-casting Release Mold

Editing time:2022-03-02 ;   Editing by:kzy

Do you suffer from these problems? Why is the carbon always accumulated on the die-casting mold? Why is it necessary to remove the carbon accumulated every other day? Is there solutions to alleviate the carbon accumulation? Can we solve the carbon accumulation problem once and for all? Let's discuss this problem with KZY.

There are many factors affecting the carbon deposition of die-casting molds. These factors maintains the mold structure, mold exhaust, mold temperature control, release agent. Although there are other factors, these are not dominant elements.

Unreasonable die-casting structure design is very easy to lead to die-casting mold carbon deposition, such as mold designed quite more complex. So it is very necessary to choose the right mold structure to alleviate the carbon deposition problem. If the exhaust of the designed die-casting not unobstructed, the heat between the liquid aluminum of the mold cavity can not be well conducted out. And it is easy to see carbon deposition.

If the exhaust system of the die-casting cannot function well, it will also lead to the accumulation of energy inside the mold. And the die-casting process cannot be carried out in accordance with normal conditions. Therefore, it is important to maintain reasonable internal and external exhaust of the mold.

At the same time, mold temperature is another important cause of carbon deposition in die-casting molds. The carbon accumulation of die-casting mold is caused by the mold temperature is too high, and the heat inside can not be transmitted slowly. Therefore, we often find carbon deposits on the molds.

Finally, inappropriate die-casting silicone release agent will also lead to mold carbon deposition , because at this time the release agent inside the composition is not high temperature resistance, not sufficiently reacting, carbonization formed carbon deposition. Usually, we need to choose the right die-casting release agent adapting to our die-casting occasions. But like quite more complex workpieces, thick workpieces and other special die casting process, this universal die-casting release agent can not meet these requirements.Therefore, it is necessary to choose ultra-high temperature resistant silicone release agent.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable design of mold, unobstructed exhaust system, reasonable mold temperature and choose KZY ultra-high temperature die-casting release agent.

KZY630 ultra high temperature resistant aluminum alloy silicone water-based demoulding agent is specially suitable for ultra high temperature resistant occasions, easy to alleviate the carbon accumulation problem.I wish you to improve the efficiency of demoulding. At the same time, our product dilution ratio ranges from 1:100 to 1:300, high dilution ratio, for you to save costs, improve the market competitiveness.

Our technology comes from Europe and the United States, domestic large factory production and processing for us, we providing quality and technical support, to provide you from pre-sale - selection - order - after-sales one-stop die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solutions.You are welcome to consult with us.

For more information about the Carbon Deposition of Die-casting Release Mold or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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