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the Brightness of Aluminum Artifacts

Editing time:2022-03-02 ;   Editing by:kzy

How to deal with aluminum alloy workpieces darkening.Why the brightness of aluminum alloy workpiece is not enough? Many die-casting enterprises will more or less encounter this problem. Aluminum alloy workpiece is black and not bright enough. Even if a series of processing is carried out in the late stage, customers will still reject the phenomenon. So this problem has been plaguing die casting enterprises. let's discuss it together.

The brightness of aluminum workpiece is related to the water-based release agent used by die-casting enterprises. Some factories with release agent cannot guarantee the quality, failed to choose high-quality raw materials and carefully configure them in accordance with the scientific ratio. So the quality of the release agent manufactured in not line with standard. As a result, part of the function of die-casting release agent will be weaken.

Furthermore, the die-casting exhaust affects the brightness of aluminum alloy. Maintaining normal exhaust ventilation of the mold ensures that the aluminum workpiece is smooth and shiny, not black. Because the mold exhaust is to reduce the temperature of the aluminum fluid and the mold reasonably, to avoid the instant accumulation of heat in the mold cavity and the aluminum fluid. The heat is not dispersed, so that the surface of the casting appears black material accumulation, resulting in the surface brightness of the casting not as bright as under normal circumstances. Therefore, if the exhaust of the mold designed by the mold factory is not smooth at the beginning. Or after a long time of die-casting, the exhaust system of the mold is not as good as before, which has a great influence on the brightness of the aluminum workpieces.

In summary, the brightness of the aluminum workpiece is related to the exhaust patency of the mold and the type of release agent used. Therefore, in order to ensure that the brightness of the workpiece created by our die-casting enterprise meets the requirements of customers, we are bound to choose the appropriate and smooth exhaust mold, and clean the mold system regularly to ensure the smooth exhaust of daily. Of course, we also want to choose the official genuine release agent. We die-casting enterprises choosing aluminum alloy organic water-based release agent, not only considering the price as the priority. we should also consider the release force, whether it is easy to deposit carbon, whether it is easy to be cleaned and so on. Indeed in practice to control the cost, also to ensure the quality,to meet the needs of the customers , to try to meet the requirements,we should take all these into consideration to create our own brand.

Our technology comes from Europe and the United States, domestic large factory production and processing for us, we providing quality and technical support, to provide you from pre-sale - selection - order - after-sales one-stop die-casting aluminum alloy demoulding solutions.You are welcome to consult with us.

For more information about the Brightness of Aluminum Artifacts or die-casting auxiliary materials, and if you need customized die-casting release agent, please contact 15021483232 (same as Wechat)

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